How to enable/disable button/dropdown using DOM/JavaScript.

One of the most and highly used DOM component is - "document".
In this example we are going to cover how to use the DOM object and we are going to disable/enable the HTML button and dropdown.
Let's write the sample HTML code which has the button and the dropdown element.


      <script src = "test.js"></script>
   <body style="background-color:#F2F2F2;">
      <button id="btn01">OK</button>
      <button onclick="disableElement()">Disable</button>
      <button onclick="enableElement()">Enable</button>
      <select id="mySelect">
      <input type="button" onclick="disable()" value="Disable list" />
      <input type="button" onclick="enable()" value="Enable list" />

Now that we are done with the sample HTML, let's write the JavaScript functions which will enable and disable the button and dropdown element.


function disableElement() {
    document.getElementById("btn01").value = "Disabled";
    document.getElementById("btn01").disabled = true;

function enableElement() {
    document.getElementById("btn01").value = "OK";
    document.getElementById("btn01").disabled = false;

function disable() {
    document.getElementById("mySelect").disabled = true;

function enable() {
    document.getElementById("mySelect").disabled = false;
The browser will render the above code something like this.



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